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Services offered:

Our accredited Puppy Start Right program is a great way to start a great relationship between yourself, your dog and your whole family. This class is offered to puppies and their families during the critical socialization period from about 8-16 weeks. We ensure the puppies are introduced to new puppies, people, stimuli, and experiences in a fun, positive, safe way to prevent problem behaviors from developing later in the puppies life.

This class will allow your puppy to grow up a confident, happy puppy by having a great start with socialization and an introduction to positive training. 
This class consists of 4 classes plus an orientation with enrollment each and every week. Each class their is a training topic such as house training, or chewing, as well as exploration and puppy play time. Contact us for more information on this program.

For more information on the benefits of early puppy socialization, please click HERE


Foundations Class: 

Foundations class will teach you clicker training skills and how to teach your dog important foundation behaviors that you can continue to build on in the future. This is a valuable class that will teach you everything you need to know about training your dog using positive, force free techniques, to nurture a wonderful relationship between you and your dog. You will be sure your dog will learn all the important foundation behaviors and have a lot of fun while doing it.


Private Sessions & Behavior Consulations: We offer private sessions within the Gander/Grand Falls area. Please contact for more information.


Loose Leash Walking/Recall:

This class will be offered in the "warmer" weather months outside. This will build on the loose leash walking and recall skills you learned in Foundations class and apply them outside where there are more distractions. 


Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience is a fun sport that will enhance your relationship with your dog as well as your training skills

Rally Obedience is a fun sport that will enhance your relationship with your dog as well as your training skills

Dog Sports Foundations (Pre - Agility) 

Learn all the essential skills you and your dog need to participate in the sport of Dog Agility.